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Tips for job search in social media

How about looking for a chance to find a job in social media?

These days, looking for work isn’t only sending applications through the traditional channels. Job searches done through the social media are also becoming more popular. When thinking in terms of looking for jobs, the most important of the channels of the social media are undoubtedly Twitter and LinkedIn. There are also groups and pages on Facebook where vacant positions are announced. They can be searched for, for example with the search word ’jobs’.

Because there is a limit of 140 characters per post in Twitter, it’s advisable either to link your own LinkedIn profile to the job-seeking tweet or make a presentation page for yourself, where you can tell more about yourself. If you have the energy, making a presentation video can also be a good way to stand out. The definite good side of Twitter is the possibility to share tweets onwards (retweeting). Job-seeking tweets often get dozens of retweets, so they are distributed widely.

Tips for a job search in Twitter:

  • Link the tweet to your profile so that it stays at the top, even if you tweet something else
  • Use hashtags, for example #jobsearch, #socialmediarecruit and #socialmediafi
  • You can retweet your own tweet after a few days, when it rises again to the news stream of your followers

If you’re in LinkedIn as a job seeker, you should join various kinds of job search groups. It’s also worth showing in your own profile that you’re a job seeker. For example, you can write in the title of your profile that you’re looking for new challenges.

You should also put your own profile into the best possible shape. Fill in the missing information and skills in your profile, so that a recruiter who finds your profile will get interested in you!